Studio Gear




Neve 5057 SSL X-Desk


Pro Tools HDX
3M M79 2" 16 track tape machine | early 70's
MCI JH110 1/4" 2 track tape machine
Concord 444 1/4" tube reel-to-reel (2) Numerous lofi tube and solid state reel-to-reel decks Nakamichi 600 II cassette


Condenser Microphones
Neumann U67 (1969)
Peluso 2247
Blue Dragonfly (2)
Beyerdynamic MC 840 (2)
Beyerdynamic MC 930 (2)
Shure SM-81 (2)
Shure Beta 91 (2)
Shure Beta 98 (3)
Sony 54P Nakamichi CM300 (2)

Ribbon Microphones RCA 77d
AEA R44 RCA Bk5-a Altec 639 "birdcage" Coles 4038 (2)
Royer R 121 Shure 315
Beyerdynamic M160 (2)

Dynamic Microphones EV RE-15 (2) EV 664
Shure SM-7b
Beyerdynamic M88
Beyerdynamic M201 Sennheiser MD441 Sennheiser MD421 (2)
Sennheiser E 609
Sennheiser E 602
Shure SM-59
Shure 545 D
Shure SM-57 (2)
Shure Beta 57 (2)
Shure Beta 58 (3)
Akai ADM 6
Tons of lo-fi, character mics


Compressors RCA 86a (1940's predecessor to the Ba-6a) Collins 26U-2 (1950's similar to Fairchild 670) Thermionic Culture Phoenix SB Gates Sta-Level Neve Portico II Master Bus Processor
Neve 2254 (4) API 2500+ Dramastic Audio Obsidian SSL Chandler EMI TG-1 Limiter Universal Audio 1176 LN
LA-2A Overstayer MAS saturator Empirical Labs Distressor (2)
Empirical Labs FATSO Jr. Empirical Labs Derr-esser (2) Standard Audio Level-Or (2) DBX-160x
Gyraf Stereo 1176 Shure Level-Loc RSP Tube Saturator

Mic Preamps Frazier F5a Tube Mixer (2) | 10 preamps total
CAPI VP28 (6)
Neve 1272 (2)
AML 1073 (4) Avedis MA-5 (2)
Great River MP-2NV
Neve Portico II Channel
Decca germanium (2)
Auditronics 110b channel strips (2) Melcor channel strips (from Sumet Sound's console) (2) Elysia Skulpter (2)

EQ's Great River MAQ-NV Mastering EQ
API 560 (2) API 550b vintage (2) SSL 611eq (2)
Avedis Audio e27 (2)
UBK Electra (2)
AML 1073 (2) Rupert Neve Designs Portico II EQ Melcor GME-20 (2) Melcor channel strips (from Sumet Sound's console) (2) Auditronics 110b passive inductor EQ (2) Frazier bax tube EQ (2) Elysia X-Filter (stereo)
Effects EMT 140 TS vintage stereo plate reverb (1950's)
MicMix Master Room XL-305 stereo Chamber Reverb Orban 111b stereo spring
Demeter RV-1 Real Reverb stereo spring
Peavey Valverb tube spring
Electra EP-250 bbd analog delay/spring reverb Fostex 3180 stereo spring Eventide H910 (mid 70's) Cyclosonic Songbird FS-1 (late 70s) DACS Freque II MXR Flanger Doubler (blueface)
Fulltone Tube Tape Echo
Roland RE-201 Space Echo Vintage Memory Man echo Mu-tron envleope follower Tons of pedals...

BURL B2 Bomber ADC
Benchmark DAC-1
Lynx Aurora 16 (3)

Miscellaneous Neve RNDi Mono (2) Neve RNDi Stereo (1)
Radial EXTC (4)
Radial ReAmps/DIs/EXT-c's


Dynaudio BM-15a with (2) BM-14s II subs (5.1 surround) Amphion Two18 w/ Amphion amp 500
Tannoy System 600 pr with PS-350 sub
Anchor AN-100 Dangerous Music monitor controller ST Rupert Neve Designs RHNP Audeze LCD-X Furman headphone system
Beyerdynamic headphones


Keyboards 1921 Steinway Model O baby grand Baldwin 42" Upright Piano Degan Vibraphone
Fender Rhodes 73 Electric Piano
Wurlitzer 206a Electric Piano
Hammond A100 Organ with Leslie 122 Mellotron 4000D
Farfisa Compact Combo Organ
Farfisa VIP 600 Combo Organ
ARP Solina
Roland Juno-60
Korg Poly-Six
Korg Lambda
Sequential Circuits Prophet 6
RИTM-2 Russian mono synth
Casio SK-1
Casio SA-35 Casiotone 403 Synare SX-3 Plus tons of cool drum machines Amplifiers
'65 Blackface Fender Princeton
'63 Brownface Fender Princeton
'67 Blackface Fender Deluxe Reverb
'60's Blackface Fender Vibro Champ
'70's Silverface Fender Super Reverb '65 reissue Fender Princeton Reverb '65 reissue Fender Deluxe Reverb
'60's Ampeg Jet
Hiwatt 2x12
'70's Ampeg Portaflex B15-N Fliptop
Drums | Cymbals
Slingerland | 22/13/16 | Early 60s | 3-ply mahogany Slingerland | 24/12/15 | Mid 60s | 3-ply mahogany C&C | 24/12/16 | 6-ply maple C&C | 24/13/16 | 3-ply maple/poplar/mahogany DW | 20/10/12/16 | 6-ply maple Ludwig Acrolyte 14x5.5 Ludwig WFL 14x6.5 Ludwig & Ludwig Universal NOB 14x5 (1924) C&C 14x6 mahogany C&C 14X7 maple poplar mahogany C&C 14x5 maple Yamaha Beech Custom 14x6 Pearl Free Floating 14x6.5 maple Pearl Free Floating 14x4 brass Slingerland 14x12 mahogany marching snare Slingerland 28x10 mahogany parade drum 1950's Ludwig Timpani Over 30 vintage and contemporary cymbals from Istanbul, Cymbal & Gong, ZIldjian, Paiste, Hammer Axe Loads of unique, bizzare and interesting percussion instruments from all over the world Guitars Tons of vintage, reissue and new guitars and basses (12 string, baritone etc...)
Large collection of vintage and boutique pedals including:
ZVex, Fulltone, Earthquaker, JHS, Ross, Empress, Maestro, Fender, Death by Audio