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All films, big and small, need great music to highlight great storytelling. We've worked on dozens of TV/film scores and soundtrack mixes, from indie films on a budget to wide release blockbusters. See below for some of our favorite scoring and score mixing projects.

sound design

We've learned by working closely with some of the most respected sound designers in the industry. Creating detailed atmospheres and rich sonic textures is a huge part of transforming your edit into a finished film. 

post mixing

A great mix for your film/commercial ensures that it always will sound spot on --whether you're watching in the theater or streaming on a laptop. We pride ourselves on taking an artful, story focused approach to mixing.

voice over

Crystal clear dialog and narration is essential in conveying your message. We have the tools and experience to deliver consistently great VO and ADR. We can also dialog edit and restore poorly previously recorded material.

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